Elegant and luxury Loewe bag in sapphire blue

The house Loewe opened a shop in Internet, which is a big commitment to technology and trade online. Visitors will have the opportunity to acquire a shop price of a wide range of products of this firm luxury. The online store is an exquisite elegance, sober, minimalist and very visual. To celebrate this development, and in the process add a point of exclusivity to this democratization of the firm, Loewe sell a bag exclusively through internet.

Elegant and luxury Loewe bag in sapphire blue

This is an online version of the ‘Street’, designed by Stuart Vevers, creative director of Loewe, who was inspired by the shopping bags of a lifetime. Made of high quality nappa and a sapphire blue hue, the piece also features characteristic of this line of handbags. Only can be purchased online and there are also limited units. So only the fastest will get this exclusive and luxurious handbag high fashion, a real collector’s item at the price of 990 € per unit.

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